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Diocesan Curia is an official body that governs the particular church. It consists of chief officials of the diocese assisting the diocesan bishop in governing the particular church. The diocesan curia includes the vicar general, who is normally also the Moderator of the Curia, any episcopal vicars, the chancellor of the curia, vice chancellors, finance officer and finance council. The bishop may also add other officials of his choice.

The curia of the Diocese of Karonga is as follows:

Bishop Mtumbuka


Chief Shepherd and Owner of the Curia

Mons. D. Chitete

Mons. D. Chitete,

Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

Fr. Joseph Moloka Sikwese

Fr. Joseph M. Sikwese


Fr. Simon

Ms. Judith Kamanga

Assistant Bishop's Secretary

Fr Steven Bulambo

Fr. Steven Bulambo

Judicial Vicar

Fr. Joachim Mwale

Fr. Joachim Mwale

Vocations Director

Fr. Cecilio Silwamba

Fr. Cecilio Silwamba

Director of Finance Investments and Administration

Finance Council