Pastoral Commission

  • Picture of Bishop Mtumbuka Closes 2018 Annual Training Workshop for Catechists
  • The Pastoral Commission is one of the major arms of the Diocese which is responsible for the pastoral care of the people throughout the Diocese. It provides leadership in order to organise and coordinate the ecclesiastical, spiritual and charitable interventions offered by the Diocese through parishes. The Commission is headed by the Pastoral Secretary.The current Pastoral Secretary is Rev. Fr. Joseph Moloka Sikwese.

    The Pastoral Commission has the Board which provides guidance on policy and strategic direction for the Commission. The Current Chairperson of the Board is Monsignor Denis Chitete. The Pastoral Commission relies on the already established structures of the Church; from the Diocese – Deanery – Parish – Zone – Outstation Church – Substation Church – Small Christian Community – to Family. These already established structures act as an entry point for pastoral ministries, as well as a mode of getting feedback to and from the community of believers being served.

    The Pastoral Commission has the following desks at the moment:

    The Pastoral Commission also has the following offices headed by Directors: Vocations Director and Pontifical Missionary Society (PMS) Director.

    For the next five years, the Pastoral Commission has the following strategic objectives:
    • To enhance Evangelization.
    • To enhance proper understanding of Lay Movements and Devotional Groups.
    • To promote faith-formation programmes for Children and Youths.
    • To promote access to Spiritual Information.
    • To enhance proper understanding of the importance and relevance of Small Christian Communities.
    • To enhance proper understanding of the Marriage Tribunal.
    • To develop and improve Church infrastructure.